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    To think it all started with this.


    Westy543 said:
    To think it all started with this.

    Wait, Megasweet invented the idea of Dinky? That's...something.


    HenryPlainview said:
    Wait, Megasweet invented the idea of Dinky? That's...something.

    I think the fandom did, and then megasweet probably drew the first Dinky. I have a link to a ponibooru post where she was first spotted, I'll PM you it on IRC. (Pbooru #632 if anyone wants to dig)

    Also, this:

    Session Start: Fri Mar 11 17:08:48 2011
    Session Ident: #ponygoons

    [19:58:28] <Aladar> out of curiosity where did dinky_hooves even come from
    [19:58:29] <Aladar> the name
    [19:58:42] <Warp> I have no idea I just saw someone refer to her like that
    [19:58:45] <Aladar> ah
    [19:58:49] <Aladar> it's cute and fits anyway
    [19:58:49] <Aladar> :3
    [19:58:51] <Warp> and then googled it and that confirmed it
    [19:58:57] <Warp> it's a cute name though :>
    [19:58:59] <Aladar> yeah
    [19:59:05] <Aladar> was just wondering where it came from
    [19:59:21] <whitenoise> dinky hooves was invented by a 4chan fanfiction
    [19:59:29] <whitenoise> right out of thin air
    [20:00:12] <whitenoise> basically anything that isn't right from the show was proabbly from a 4chan fanfiction
    [20:00:13] <@drunkill> dinky?
    [20:00:23] <Warp> I'd believe that
    [20:00:28] <whitenoise> derpy's imaginary child
    [20:00:39] <whitenoise> not imagboary as in she imagioned it
    [20:00:42] <whitenoise> just that 4chan did
    [20:00:57] <Westy543> study those books Dinky
    [20:00:59] <Westy543> you'll have wings
    [20:01:12] <RevDrMosesPLester> aw darpy mommy is cute
    [20:01:14] <RevDrMosesPLester> e
    [20:01:28] <Aladar> warp: your next mission is to find the artist
    [20:01:41] <Warp> oh the dune picture?
    [20:01:45] <Aladar> no of the dinky one
    [20:01:46] <Warp> of the*
    [20:01:47] <Warp> oh
    [20:02:09] <Warp> I know who it is I just don't want to link his other shit because it's awful, but I suppose I should have tagged it
    [20:02:21] <Warp> why do the good artists make such weird shit it's mind boggling
    [20:02:33] <Warp> artist is megasweet I think btw

    And there you have her first mention in Ponygoons.

    Edit Jan 22nd 2012: Added origin_story tag for this comment.