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absurdres angel apple_bloom applejack apples background_ponies balcony bench big_macintosh bipedal blossomforth book bowl bridge canterlot cape caramel changeling cliff cloud cloudchaser cloudkicker cutie_mark cutie_mark_crusaders daisy daisy_(flower) derpy_hooves discord everfree_forest fancy_pants fleetfoot fleur flitter flowers fluttershy flying food forest fork fountain g1 gabby gilda glass glasses goggles grass greta griffon griffonstone gummy hat highres huge_filesize instrument lauren_faust_(character) lectern lemon_hearts letter library lily_(flower) lily_valley loudspeaker lyra_heartstrings magic main_six map minuette moondancer muffin music octavia_melody opalescence orchard original_character owlowiscious philomena pillow pinkie_pie poison_joke pond ponyville princess_celestia princess_flurry_heart princess_luna princess_twilight queen_chrysalis rainbow_dash rarity rose rose_(flower) rose_(pony) scenery scootaloo shining_armor soarin spike spitfire spoon starlight_glimmer stars statue sunburst surprise sweet_apple_acres sweetie_belle sweetie_drops table tank tantibus the_great_and_powerful_trixie timberwolves time_turner tree trees twilight_sparkle twinkleshine uniform vinyl_scratch violin viwrastupr wagon waterfall winona wonderbolts zecora
absurdres everfree_forest flowers forest highres poison_joke scenery timberwolves viwrastupr zecora
apple_bloom apples cutie_mark_crusaders highres orchard scenery scootaloo sweet_apple_acres sweetie_belle trees viwrastupr
absurdres daisy daisy_(flower) flowers highres lily_(flower) lily_valley rose rose_(flower) rose_(pony) scenery viwrastupr
absurdres blossomforth cloud cloudchaser cloudkicker derpy_hooves flitter g1 highres muffin scenery stars surprise viwrastupr waterfall
cloud flying gabby gilda greta griffon griffonstone highres letter scenery stars viwrastupr
apples big_macintosh highres orchard scenery sweet_apple_acres trees viwrastupr
absurdres changeling highres queen_chrysalis scenery viwrastupr waterfall
absurdres canterlot highres scenery viwrastupr
background_ponies bench bowl caramel flowers food fork fountain glass glasses highres lemon_hearts lyra_heartstrings magic minuette moondancer pond scenery spoon sweetie_drops table time_turner tree twinkleshine viwrastupr
absurdres applejack fluttershy highres lauren_faust_(character) main_six original_character pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity statue twilight_sparkle viwrastupr
book cape discord glasses highres pillow princess_flurry_heart shining_armor stars sunburst viwrastupr
bipedal fancy_pants fleur highres instrument loudspeaker music octavia_melody vinyl_scratch violin viwrastupr
absurdres fleetfoot flying goggles highres soarin spitfire uniform viwrastupr wonderbolts
bridge cape cliff grass hat highres library ponyville scenery starlight_glimmer the_great_and_powerful_trixie tree viwrastupr wagon waterfall
background_ponies balcony book highres lectern magic philomena princess_celestia viwrastupr
book highres magic princess_luna tantibus viwrastupr
absurdres angel applejack book cutie_mark fluttershy gummy highres library magic main_six map opalescence owlowiscious pinkie_pie princess_twilight rainbow_dash rarity spike tank twilight_sparkle viwrastupr winona
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    Hey people, this thing is super rad and if you don't click on it then you're missing out.


    Okay I've been seeing the individual pieces all over the place but HOLY FEATHER THEY ALL FIT TOGETHER??!??!?!?