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Collection: Epic

This pool is for the very dynamic and more grandiose images on broni.

explosion magic record tsitra360 vinyl_scratch
armor canterlot highres humans moe nightmare_moon princess_celestia scenery sword weapon
angel apple_bloom applejack atryl babs_seed bandana big_macintosh boots broom cannon christmas_lights cloud coat cutie_mark_crusaders derpy_hooves discord earmuffs flag fluttershy flying_squirrel gilda goggles gummy magic main_six moon opalescence owlowiscious peewee pinkie_pie pot princess_cadance princess_celestia princess_luna rabbit rainbow_dash rarity scarf scootaloo shining_armor snow_pony snowball spike sweetie_belle tank the_great_and_powerful_trixie twilight_sparkle winona
applejack apples cloak filly fongsaunder princess_luna rarity shining_armor spike twilight_sparkle
applejack background_ponies boat cannon changeling derpy_hooves goggles golden_harvest gun hat jacket lyra_heartstrings magic nastylady octavia_melody pinkie_pie queen_chrysalis rainbow_dash soarin spitfire steampunk sweetie_drops time_turner twilight_sparkle vinyl_scratch weapon
huge_wings jewelry original_character princess_celestia princess_lauren princess_luna princess_twilight sakuyamon space twilight_sparkle wings
blindfold cyberpunk hologram kaajus princess_celestia scenery the_matrix twilight_sparkle
changeling crystal_empire dragon guard_pony king_sombra spear weapon ziom05
daring-do scenery vest_(artist) waterfall
magic ponykillerx princess_celestia sun
applejack huussii spike timberwolves
alextooth canterlot dirigible scenery
esuka nightmare_moon princess_celestia tears young
dragon fedte fire force_field magic princess_twilight twilight_sparkle
0riane0 highres illidan_stormrage ponified warcraft
highres nightmare_moon ziom05
iron_man rainbow_dash vest_(artist) windigo
balloon fairy highres laser rain-gear tree twilight_sparkle waterfall
apple_bloom applejack bat big_macintosh bulk_biceps caramel chancellor_puddinghead changeling cheerilee chicken cloudchaser clover_the_clever commander_hurricane costume crystal_heart daring-do diamond_tiara discord eagle fancy_pants fire_ruby flam fleur flim_skim flitter fluttershy granny_smith jiayi letter lyra_heartstrings mare-do-well nightmare_night owl peewee pinkie_pie pipsqueak plushie pound_cake princess_cadance princess_celestia princess_luna princess_platinum private_pansy pumpkin_cake queen_chrysalis rainbow_dash rarity scootaloo shining_armor smart_cookie smarty_pants spike spitfire sweetie_belle sweetie_drops tank tom toy twilight_sparkle windigo