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Collection: Nonstandard Catchlights

A pool for images with odd shapes/styles of catchlights (in eyes, generally).
Unrelated to the Catchlights comic series.

bridesmaids dress magic microphone topshot transparent twilight_sparkle
apple_bloom big_macintosh canterlot cheerilee cutie_mark_crusaders nitlo scootaloo sweetie_belle valentine
applejack fluttershy humanized jump_rope main_six nitlo pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity smile species_confusion twilight_sparkle
nitlo portrait princess_celestia simple sparkles
nitlo princess_cadance shining_armor twilight_sparkle
balloon flag i_shall_not_use_my_hooves_as_hands pinkie_pie transparent westy543
crimson-pegasus-7 rarity sparkles
anime anime_as_fuck anime_azu_fakku japanese so_kawaii toppushotto.chan topshot toransuparento towairaito_supaakuru transparent twilight_sparkle wink
chibi miss-glitter transparent twilight_sparkle
chibi miss-glitter pinkie_pie transparent
apple_bloom chibi miss-glitter transparent
filly miss-glitter twilight_sparkle
chibi miss-glitter rainbow_dash transparent
chibi fluttershy miss-glitter transparent
chibi miss-glitter rarity transparent
applejack chibi miss-glitter transparent
applejack filly miss-glitter
flowers mother's_day nitlo twilight
fluttershy raidouraidou transparent
applejack raidouraidou transparent