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Collection: Variety is the Spice of Life

Some people draw ponies as humans. Some people draw ponies as humans that aren't caucasian. This pool is for the latter. (Different body types are cool, too)

animated humanized looji twilight_sparkle
applejack book fluttershy hawberries humanized main_six measuring_tape pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle wand
hawberries humanized pinkie_pie
applejack fluttershy humanized kilala97 main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rainbow_power rarity twilight_sparkle
apple_bloom applejack big_macintosh discord fluttershy granny_smith humanized rainbow_dash sugaryboogary
disfiguredstick humanized twilight_sparkle
french-teapot humanized zecora
captnkilljoy highres humanized rainbow_dash
applejack fluttershy highres humanized main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle xamag
applejack fluttershy humanized main_six mimimonart pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity spike twilight_sparkle
humanized muslim nyan-cow rarity sketch spike sweetie_belle
applejack brooke_lewis fluttershy humanized muslim pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle
feminism humanized jessie_boukal muslim rarity
humanized pizzakladd shipping sunlight sunset_shimmer twilight_sparkle
highres humanized muslim pizzakladd rainbow_dash tank
humanized pizzakladd sunset_shimmer
equestria_girls pizzakladd shipping sunlight sunset_shimmer twilight_sparkle
coldwarriors cupcake gummy humanized pinkie_pie
catnippackets equestria_girls highres humanized pinkie_pie
catnippackets equestria_girls humanized pinkie_pie