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Collection: Variety is the Spice of Life

Some people draw ponies as humans. Some people draw ponies as humans that aren't caucasian. This pool is for the latter. (Different body types are cool, too)

applejack apples book dress fluttershy glasses highres humanized luckyenigma main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity spike transparent twilight_sparkle
applejack baseball_bat cigarette fluttershy humanized main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity spader7 twilight_sparkle
applejack fluttershy gender_swap humanized main_six pinkie_pie piratecore rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle
artbydana hat humanized magic superheroes twilight_sparkle wand
book humanized justindurden twilight_sparkle
equestria_girls humanized krakeart twilight_sparkle
clipboard ddhew humanized labcoat twilight_sparkle
ddhew highres humanized rainbow_dash
humanized rainbow_dash sayuri1314
applejack fluttershy hannahbird humanized main_six pinkie_pie portrait rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle
drunkzombies humanized princess_cadance shining_armor twilight_sparkle
dahli-lama dress gala_dress humanized rarity transparent twilight_sparkle
humanized moobuttt rainbow_dash twilight_sparkle
highres humanized nebularva pinkie_pie
highres humanized nebularva twilight_sparkle
book earrings hirahime humanized twilight_sparkle
a._k._yearling daring-do glasses hat highres humanized ric-m
hootaloo horse_ears humanized rainbow_dash
humanized jagzilla rarity
book crown egriz humanized sketch twilight_sparkle