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Collection: Variety is the Spice of Life

Some people draw ponies as humans. Some people draw ponies as humans that aren't caucasian. This pool is for the latter. (Different body types are cool, too)

applejack fluttershy highres humanized main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity rollerskates sweater twilight_sparkle whateveridek
amarrylis humanized magic twilight_sparkle
amarrylis fluttershy humanized transparent
amarrylis humanized lowres twilight_sparkle
humanized naroclie spike
egriz hat humanized princess_celestia princess_luna sword weapon
egriz highres humanized sketch spike twilight_sparkle
egriz humanized princess_celestia sketch sword weapon
bracelet egriz highres humanized pinkie_pie sketch
bees egriz flowers fluttershy humanized
angel applejack elsevilla fluttershy gummy humanized main_six parasprite pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity spike twilight_sparkle
cilantro-and-milk cup fluttershy humanized rarity
humanized madammarmalade portrait rarity
applejack buttho humanized portrait rarity transparent twilight_sparkle
applejack dress humanized nilii rarity
applejack book dragonina fluttershy humanized main_six mermaid pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity species_swap spike twilight_sparkle
dancing elaine_benes humanized mrmaydoe parody seinfeld twilight_sparkle
bag dress helpful highres humanized mrmaydoe original_character yellowstar
doemay g1 galaxy highres humanized twinkle-eyed
applejack chibi fluttershy humanized main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle yesi-chan