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Collection: Disgustingly Adorable

I think I am going to throw up from all the cute.

(Note: Just because something has the CMCs or fillies doesn't make it adorable. If it doesn't make YOU saw "dawww", you're doing it wrong.)

:3 filly kloudmutt rainbow_dash smittyg
bow filly kloudmutt rainbow_dash
apple_bloom hat noel
applejack apples artist_unknown crossover jessie pixar toy_story
colored derpy_hooves elosande filly mail ponyville saddlebags
filly madmax sleeping twilight_sparkle
bandage elosande filly injured magic princess_celestia twilight_sparkle
comic megasweet rainbow_dash scootaffection scootaloo
apple_bloom book bunny cutie_mark_crusaders qnaman scootaloo sweetie_belle twilight_sparkle
kloudmutt scootaloo swimming
applejack comic cupcake fluttershy mail mirelmture pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity spike
rainbow_dash sleeping varigo
fluttershy hugs naroclie rainbow_dash sleeping
applejack autumn hugs megasweet rainbow_dash
book magic noel rainbow_dash twilight_sparkle
dress filly kloudmutt magic needle rarity sewing
hugs pooryorick rarity sweetie_belle