Read the rules before proceeding!

Collection: Style Parodies

Pics in this pool should be in an obvious homage to the style of a well-known artist (and not just a simple stylistic choice). For example, pics which look like they came straight out of a Miyazaki film would be acceptable, but a general "anime style" image would not. Parodies of existing artwork may be acceptable if the artistic style is unique to the original art.

animal_crossing applejack apples balloon derpy_hooves dress fishing_pole flowers fluttershy gummy mousu pinkie_pie princess_twilight rainbow_dash rarity scootaloo tree twilight_sparkle
dr_seuss ghost-peacock princess_luna
dr_seuss ghost-peacock pinkie_pie
black_bars humanized kilala97 pinkie_pie rarity
chain chibi cubism discord expression_chart heart korean magic maid_outfit parody ponified portrait sparkles ssalbug