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Title Creator Updated by Updated at
Non-pony character (cosplay?) tags. Gollgagh numsOic
why vs wat Kraps Unoriginal Nick
Tag Alias: zlaker -> zlak3r Kraps Westy543
Tag alias: moustache -> mustache Grue Gollgagh
Tag alias: cbrubaker -> mr_big Grue Westy543
At what point is it justified to tag an original character's name? Perrydotto Perrydotto
Tag Alias: soapie-solar -> solar-slash Geomancing Westy543
Tag Alias: cheriel -> fiarel Geomancing Westy543
wings vs flight_spell Westy543 Westy543
Tag Alias: sirradical -> sir radical henke37 henke37
Tag Alias: olegsavoskin -> oleg savoskin henke37 henke37
Tag alias: carororo -> naroclie Grue Westy543
Kimono vs. kimonos mochabean mochabean
Tag Alias: xx-mr-no-name-xx -> mr-no-name henke37 Westy543
Tag Alias: mirapony -> corruptionsolid Geomancing Westy543
Tag Alias: pixelart -> pixel_art henke37 Westy543
Tag Alias: daisy -> flower_wishes numsOic henke37
Tag Alias: blueblood -> prince_blueblood henke37 ComradeCosmobot
Tag Alias: funakounasoul-mlps -> funakounasoul Unoriginal Nick ComradeCosmobot
Tag Alias: ghosttrick -> ghost_trick henke37 Grue