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Tag Alias: k-y-r-i-e -> kyrie henke37 Westy543
The anthro rule, and discussion thereof numsOic numsOic
Messed up forum updates? diribigal diribigal
Tag Implication: bad_dream -> dreaming diribigal Westy543
Tag Alias: sticker -> stickers diribigal diribigal
Tag Implication: askloveletters -> momogirl numsOic Westy543
Tag Implication: love_letters -> oc diribigal Westy543
Tag Alias: yousukou4300 -> yousukou diribigal Westy543
Happy x everybody diribigal Westy543
Tag Alias: shadows_of_the_colossus -> shadow_of_the_colossus diribigal Westy543
Tag Alias: gloves -> glove diribigal Westy543
Tag Implication: party_hat -> hat diribigal Westy543
Delete the my_little_* tags? MyEarsAreFlopping numsOic
Tag Implication: octopus -> cephalopod MyEarsAreFlopping Westy543
Tag Implication: cuttlefish -> cephalopod MyEarsAreFlopping Westy543
Tag Implication: squid -> cephalopod MyEarsAreFlopping Westy543
Tag Implication: nautilus -> cephalopod MyEarsAreFlopping Westy543
Tag Alias: mario_bros -> super_mario_bros diribigal Westy543
Okay to tag forum smiley origin pictures? MyEarsAreFlopping MyEarsAreFlopping
Tag Alias: sponsz -> geten sponsz diribigal