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Tag Alias: note worthy -> noteworthy henke37 henke37
Tag Alias: little_strong_heart -> little_strongheart henke37 henke37
Tag Alias: tess-27 -> tess henke37 numsOic
Official Bronibooru Tag Policy Discussion Thread ComradeCosmobot numsOic
The wiki misc admin help request topic henke37 henke37
Tag Alias: theartrix -> the artrix henke37 henke37
Tag Alias: mylittlebadzerg -> badzerg henke37 Grue
Tag Alias: confused guy -> confused--guy henke37 henke37
Tag Implication: lightsaber -> star_wars diribigal henke37
Alias: oleg savoskin -> olegsavoskin Kraps Westy543
Tag alias: menageries -> shaburdies Grue Grue
Rename rose_(pony) back to roseluck or something else Grue ComradeCosmobot
Tag Alias: kawaiipiepie --> laurenmagpie Unoriginal Nick Westy543
Tag alias: cranky -> cranky_doodle_donkey Grue Westy543
Tag alias: marmaladejane -> king-cheetah numsOic Westy543
Tag Alias: gryphon -> griffon Geomancing Westy543
Tag Alias: bonbon -> bon_bon numsOic numsOic
Tag implication: ask-dr-adorable -> giantmosquito Kraps Westy543
Tag Alias: kevinbolk -> kevin bolk henke37 henke37
sciencefox -> science-fox Kraps Kraps