Good Night, Bronibooru

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. As the internet and society has marched on (not to mention my own interests), many of you have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to keep Bronibooru alive and well as the site has approached its 10th anniversary. While the rest of the mods and I have discussed several options for trying to preserve it in the past couple of months, the reality is that there is no realistic path to continuing to host Bronibooru in its current form given my continued absence and the myriad technical complications involved in transferring that site to someone else.

That said, while this incarnation of Bronibooru may have ended, we do have plans to ensure that the site and its contents are preserved. This will take a little while to do so safely, so please stay tuned to this space. I'll have more to say on this in the next few days.

—CosmogenicLily, Bronibooru/The Round Stable Admin

March 6, 2021

UPDATE (March 10, 2021): We're currently preparing a torrent that will allow interested users to download the entire 100GB Bronibooru image archive. This torrent will include an SQL dump of the final state of the Bronibooru database with passwords, e-mails, and certain other PII (e.g. edit history, pms and forums) thoroughly scrubbed from it, while leaving useful data alone (pools, posts, tags, notes, wiki pages, artist info, and comments). Given the size of the archive, we expect it will take about another week or so before this torrent will be ready.

We've also been working with the folks over at The Pony Archive to get them a copy of the same archive as well, as they have expressed interest in potentially rehosting the archive themselves in a more user-friendly way.

When we have more to share on these two efforts, we will update this landing page.

UPDATE (March 17, 2021): There is now a torrent for the Bronibooru image archive. This contains the entire 100+GB image archive as a tarball, as well as a sanitized SQL dump of the Bronibooru database. Just make sure you have sufficient room to extract the image tarball!